From his Apollo 14 mission in 1971 as Lunar Module Pilot and sixth man to walk on the moon, Edgar Dean Mitchell retired from the U.S. Navy in 1972 to redirect his focus from “outer space” to “inner space.” He founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) in 1973 to explore the mysterious workings of consciousness, a reality we all know exists, yet that eludes adequate mainstream scientific definition. His intent was not only to establish scientific methods of research to uncover underlying principles, but also to find methods to apply appropriate efforts toward the sustainability of our fragile “Spaceship Earth.”

His first book, Psychic Exploration published in 1974, was subsequently published again through IONS almost 38 years later in 2011 by Cosimo Books. Within the introduction, one may view a glimpse of the depth of Mitchell’s insights, most of which are pertinent 40 years later.

His second book, “The Way of the Explorer” published in 1996 and now in its third printing is available for purchase via this website as a signed hard-bound collector’s item. Autographed photos are also available for purchase. Articles and Essays lists several prior publications that may be viewed and printed free of charge. Sustainability is a major global concern for this generation and you will find his written report along with a compelling video on the Sustainability page.

Dr. Mitchell’s extraordinary career personifies humankind’s irresistible urge to widen its horizons along with our basic human desire to explore the inner workings of the mind. More recently, his attention has gravitated to the Quantum Hologram and efforts toward collaborating with leading scientists around the world for additional consciousness studies and to explore methods to extract and utilize Zero Point Energy.

Edgar Mitchell’s insatiable desire to bridge the gap between objective reason and subjective intuition, and the ever-evasive gap between science and religion have kept him exploring new methods to investigate old themes. His interest in the existence of extraterrestrial life has been fueled by respected associates who confided their personal first-hand accounts of incidents including events at Roswell, New Mexico (in 1947), as well as interim sightings and reports of unexplained phenomena in our skies. His deep desire is to help humankind transform the way we think about ourselves and our capabilities in an effort to redirect outdated and outmoded tendencies, particularly those overt tendencies toward violence, destruction, and the exhaustion of life-sustaining resources. Peaceful coexistence and better management of our resources are vital to our future here on planet Earth and beyond.

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